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TRI Course | Creating realistic Simulator Scenarios

Dear Instructor Community, Dear Future Instructors,...

Im happy to announce the creation of a new blog and Video Series about the utilisation of Full-flight Simulators and FTD-2 Simulators.

Creating realistic Simulator scenarios and going the extra mile to introduce extra traffic (i.e. Long final traffic which is to be avoided visually during a Visual approach or Visual circuit excercise) gives the scene the final touch. In the meantime the student will retain the excercise longer as they are able to associate the training elements with a "real" experience. Of coarse they can recall it better when a similar scenario will happen to them in the real world.

It is vital to ensure adherance to procedures and trying to teach the correct things (SOP, wordings etc.) very accurately, meaning ensuring the student is able to follow the more "complex" realistic scenario without adverse effects of negative training, in case you should realize that the student is getting close to or into "overstress".

Below the example of the Visual circuit or touch and go excercises versus the reality in real air-excercises.

Wishing you successful training sessions.

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