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Why JETLINE Training?

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After Training Support | Job search & assessment consulting


Dedicated & Experienced instructors

Airline Assessment after course completion

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Simulators available worldwide | we train you whereever it suits you!

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Marian F. | First-Officer

After Type Rating, during Landing Training at the partner Airline, they were so surprized about my Level of Training, that they offered me a job immediately.



Faisal B. | First-Officer

I learned a very pleasent atmosphere. Beyond the type rating I am grateful for every single personal advise the instructors gave from their own flying experience. I found the assesement and the entry into the line traning relatively easy. 


I was well prepared and was repeatedly praised by my later colleagues, different captains about my solid and consistent judgement during the flights thanks to JETLINE TRAINING. I have been told that my process of system and attention is comparable with most of experienced pilots after 10 years active flying.

A320 TRI Course

Julien G. | SFI/TRI A320

I joined JETLINE TRAINING for SFI/TRI instructor course. They gave me the opportunity during and after the course to immediately get additional instruction  experience, well above minimum required. Just a big MERCI to Capt. Adrian & to his team

Contact | About us...

Who we are...

We are a Group of highly experienced Instructors & Examiners operating different Flight School approvals around the globe (EASA ATO: Swiss, Swedish and Austrian ATO Approvals held), specialized in type-ratings, Instructor trainings and initial experience | hour building programs for professional current & future Airline Crew.


We organize and supply high quality training at our various locations.

18 years

a few of our instructors & examiners...


History and Legacy...


Our Group of schools were founded as two former schools, more than 18 years ago. It was and still is specialised in ATR 42/72, Boeing B737 and Airbus A320, A330/A350 aircraft Training.

Since 2019 we are cooperating also with Croatian, LUFTHANSA Aviation Training, Aero Locarno, Switzerland and AeronautX in Linz Austria for our frozen ATPL Training program and/or ICAO to EASA License conversion programs.

From 2020 JETLINE Training has been awarded with another ATO approval in Switzerland (CH.ATO.0310) in order to sustain the growth in the EU & Non-EU Markets.

The Pool of experienced examiners joint within JETLINE Training decided now to enrich the training portfolio by adding to the existing A320 Type Rating and ATR 42/72 Type Rating, the B737 Type Rating, and A330, A350 Trainings into JETLINE Training offerings for the global aviation market.

Key to success is our highly dedicated and motivated instructor team, which ensures personal trainee support.



No matter for what problem

We won't let our students alone

We offer pilot job placement and assessment support after all courses with us!

Therefore we offer, with our consulting firm also after training recruitment and crew placement services. Inexperienced Crews, or Pilots willing to build up more hours (i.e. First Officers) may fly at our partner Airlines. Contact us now for your individual hour building program offer...

Our ATO's in the Group are headquartered in Europe, certified by EASA national regulatory bodies.

JETLINE TRINING has provided high quality training for various airlines so far, including but not limited to:



SkyExpress GR
















Air Albania

Approval Certificate(s)

Please find for download our ATO certificates of the schools for training concerned within the file share on Intranet.


Lead the industry with visionary, affordable, flexible, modern and safe aviation training.


Provide our clients with flexible aviation training solution. At the same time we fulfil our common ambitious goal for exceptional Swiss quality aviation standards & OEM best practices and SOP's joint, in order to make our clients pilots with a well above average grading and training qualification standard.

Job Openings

Job Openings Instructors / Examiners

We are currently recruiting freelance EASA, DGAC and CAAC TRI or TRE on A320. 

We accept spontaneous submission of CV for our database:

We have a A320 TRI, TRE Job-Opening at JETLINE Training.

We offer competitive freelance payment with free housing and travel allowance within Europe.

Contact us now.

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