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I found a Job within 2 months! Thanks...

Dear fellow Pilot colleagues: I'm former JETLINE Training student on A320 type rating program WITHOUT pay to fly program. Just the normal Type Rating on A320.

I’m glad to inform all you that I’m living the group because I have been hired by an airline although I’m 47 years old. I was invisible for the airlines until I have got a Type Rating (early January). In the last two weeks I have been contacted by 5 airlines. I have no experience on Airbus and around 250 hours on light a/c. I recommend you to get the Type Rating. They are very professionals, friendly atmosphere, and they also have the Airline Placement Program, which ensure you a direct-entry assessment. Finally, I not needed that service but definitely is a guarantee for your investment. I’m very happy with the decision I took and also the ATO. I wish the best for all you.

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