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4 Landings + 1G/A | Base Training A320 in Europe

4 Landings + 1G/A | Base Training A320 in Europe


Landing Training A320, Base Training Airbus A320 aircraft


4 landings + 1 G/A on Airbus A320 aircraft family aircraft.


NO Waiting time!


4 Single landings + 1 Go-around: Single students Welcome! Also from other Schools.


Price includes 4 Landings + 1G/A + (incl. VAT if applicable) and individual Briefing and learning material by TRI, TRE and paper documentation filing by the ATO for responsible CAA license issue.

Student must bring the correct form and logbook to Base training day to sign by our TRI, TRE.


All licenses, all nationalities welcome!


No success guarantee. No refund after purchase! Course Date is subject to airline aircraft availablitiy, instructor, examiner availability and aircraft technical status.

Travel cost of student not included. We recommend to buy flexible, refundable airline tickets in case or date changes or travel restrictions, national border control limitations.

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