Airline assessment preparation course

Airline assessment preparation course

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Airline assessment preparation program
(ideal for F/O for EU Low cost airlines, EASYJET, EUROWINGS, TUIFly, etc.)
Theoretical questionnaire incl. Includes Psycometry / Math / Character Testing (online)
Full flight Simulator preparation for Airline assessment 
(1 SIM hour per pilot / 2 pilots minimum per course)


Location Zürich Airport | ZRH - Lufthansa aviation training center.


Not included. Student Travel and accomodation.

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    Our airline pilot assessments prepare you for commencing flight training and give you valuable feedback from an airline perspective.

    It’s a three stage assessment as follows;

    This assessment is designed to assess the likelihood and suitability of the candidate for the role of an airline pilot. The assessment consisted of the following three stages:

    1. Online Psychometric testing. Completed remotely by the candidate, these tests assess the candidates inherent ability for the role of pilot. The candidate is assessed across three areas: Numerical, Verbal and Inductive Reasoning. (at Home in a quiet environment)

    2. Interview. This one hour ‘evidence based’ assessment of the candidate is designed to assess the candidates suitability to commence to work as First-Officer or Captain with any Airline using IOSA standards and additionally, suitability for the role of airline pilot (includes the likelihood of the candidate being successful with an airline interview assessment following completion of training, preferrably as JETLINE TRAINING). The interview covers several areas of pilot competencies and qualities, both professionally and personally.

    These include:

    Professional pilot competencies:

    • Motivation
    • Personal Standards
    • Dependability and Responsibility
    • Team Skills and Interpersonal Behaviour

    • Decision Making
    • Aviation Industry Knowledge

    Personal pilot competencies

    • Attitude and Approach
    • Adaptability
    • Communication Skills
    • Customer Focus

    3. Simulator appraisal.

    This appraisal is designed to assess the likelihood of a candidate to successfully and safely complete their flying training at any stage.

    A comprehensive report is provided to each candidate, breaking down the results from each section and providing overall recommendations around likelihood of success in training, or suitability for the role of commercial airline pilot.

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