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Advanced Upset recovery training (UPRT)

Advanced Upset recovery training (UPRT)


NEW advanced Upset Recovery Course as per EASA (FCL.745)


EASA requires all pilots to undergo this training prior to any Type Rating course.


Loss of control in-flight occurrences have become frequent and can cause fatal accidents. Based on the newest EASA and ICAO amendments we offer this brand-new training course for individual trainees, airlines, training organizations, and aircraft manufactureres to help flight crews to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to prevent or recover from a developing or developed upset.


The course is held in Switzerland or Austria on a high performance, utility transport category aircraft with manouvers up to 2.5 G (i.e. Pilatus P3).


Couse fee is refundable for not used hours. 500 EUR booking fee non refundable.


Course content / included in price:

  • Theory Advanced UPRT
  • Plane rental, wet, incl. fuel : 3 hrs (i.e. Pilatus P3)
  • instructor briefing and debriefing
  • paper work / endorsement
  • 4 Landings
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