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Lesson 2 | TKI of TRI, SFI (MPA) Course | Part 2 - Online Training LMS

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Instructor Training for A320 SFI, TRI Course. Content according to FCL.930.TRI Content: The Part 2 | Phase 2 of the SFI, TRI Course Its split into TWO Units: 1. Lesson Unit 2.1.: Techniques & Theoretical Knowledge Instruction 2. Lesson Unit 2.2.: Instructional Skills ****** Aim: This training is used to develop the TRI’s training skills in relation to the type technical course syllabus and human factors. This part includes revision of technical knowledge, the preparation of lesson plans and the development of classroom instructional skills to enable the applicant to instruct at least the technical theoretical knowledge syllabus. During this part the applicant should also become familiar with the Operations- and Training Manual for the applicable type rating course. The technical training ends with a student lesson of a technical subject related to the type and with a Written Test. Pre-Requisites for Lesson 2 | Part 2 of a TRI/SFI (MPA) course: -> Completed or credited Teaching and Learning course. ****** DURATION: Self-paced | MAXIMUM allowed time 30 days to complete. NOTE: if some information is not clear or misleading - feel free to ask HT for Help at anytime. We are here to SUPPORT you! Enjoy your training :-) Ref: Content according to FCL.930.TRI CH.ATO.0310 | Syllabus S03

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