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Line Intro A320 | First Officer Opinion | first expereience after Type Rating

"Hello, my name is Faisal B. ;

I completed my type rating A320F at Jetline within 6 weeks in 2018, successfully. During my type rating at simulator I developled my flying skills, the techniques used to fly Airbus320F today and have been provided much of the technical input.

The instructor themselves are active flying captains. In a very pleasent atmosphere I learned the system knowledge of the aircraft. Beyond the type rating I am grateful for every single personal advise the instructors gave from their own flying experience. I found the assesements preparation and the entry into the line traning relatively easy. 

I was well prepared and was repeatedly praised by my later colleagues, different captains about my solid and consistent judgement during the flights. I have been told that my process of system and attention is comparable with most of experienced pilots after 10 years active flying.

Today, I am an active first officer in a European Airline and still grateful for the training I got at JETLINE TRAINING. - Enjoy my pictures from first A320 first-officer experience on the line"

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