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A320 Line Introduction | Hour Building

A320 Type Rating | Pay or not pay for the first 500 hours experience on Type after finishing the Type Rating A320 at

Line Training: to pay or not to pay?

Everyone knows about the possibility to get Line Training for a price. Let's look at some of the “yes and no” arguments about the Paid Line Training.

Line Training – what exactly is it?

All approved Airline Training Manual Programs - Line Training, or Line flying under supervision, is mandatory for all pilots and end after successful completion of the line check. It's also mandatory when you change from one Airline to another or when you do your Upgrading to Captain.

Durations vary from 40-100 hours or nuber of sectors individually per pilot according to prior experience. I.e. if you have already flown another similar type, you may do you Type Rating at ZFTT (zero flight time training), where you do not need to redo and repay an expensive landing training on the aircraft without passenger. You do your first landings during your A320 Line-Introduction directly with the LTC (line training captain) and TRI (type rating instructor) with passengers & cargo.

So why then do you need 500 hours the most airlines ask as minimum to apply for a Job?

The aircraft leasing or rental contracts and also the Insurance Policy of the Airline specify that pilots flying need to have 500hours experience on A320 | B737, etc. (on the specific type concerned). If not the airlines pay more insurance or leasing rates!

So on the owned or policy exemted aircraft you may fly also earlier with less experience.

So - its an airline problem! Why care?

EASY: Before 500hours the airlines pay low salaries: i.e. 2'500 USD / month if you join them.

And then after you might need to ask for a pay increase or they delay the automatic wage increase to 1500 hours (or ATPL issued) etc.

=> So you might be stuck 2 years at 2'500 USD / month.

After 500 hours, airlines must pay salaries according to the Job Market situation.

A first officer with 500 hours on Type should get 5'500 - 8'500 USD / month income. Some Low cost carriers in Europe might pay also up to 10'000 USD / month incl. all per-diems and expenses.

So let's calculate:

Case 1: You might need to wait 3-6 months to get your first job without hours on type. So let's assume.

6 months no income (no accomodation paid):

then 24 months 2'500 USD

= 60'000 USD Total earned in 30 months!

+ normally you have a bonding, as Airlines force you to stay a while.

Case 2: Pay to fly for 500 hours A320 Line Introduction Program | A320 Hour Building Program:

6 months no income (during 500 hours program), but accomodation & travel paid!

156'000 USD earned

- 39'500 USD for 500 hour A320 Line Introduction Program | A320 hour building program

= 110'000 USD earned in 30 months!

Freedom + independence to leave on 30days (or contract notice) period!


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