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Instructor Standardization | MS Continuous Trg.

  • 90Days
  • 44Steps
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Instructor Standardization / evaluation | Management System Continuous Training | Seminar This self-paced course is intended for you if you just joined fresh our Team of Instructors OR you have been our valued instructor for a while now. In this case it will be your Continuous Bi-Annual ATO Refresher ("re-standardisation") Training & Seminar as per OM-D 4.3.2. in order to keep you up to date. Its split in 2 Parts. Therefore it intended for initial and recurrent ATO Instructor training. DURATION: Self-paced | MAXIMUM allowed time 30days to complete. NOTE: if some information is not clear or misleading - feel free to ask HT for Help at anytime. We are here to SUPPORT you! Enjoy your training :-) Ref: OM-D 4.3.2. / 4.7. | OMM 9.3. and CENTRIK Meeting Module Agenda SEM-03

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