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About Jetline Training

We are a Group of highly experienced Instructors & Examiners operating different Flight School approvals around the globe (EASA ATO: Swiss, Swedish and Austrian EL Approvals held), specialized in type-ratings, Instructor trainings and initial experience support for hour building mainly on A320 and B737 for professional current & future Airline Crewmembers.


We organize and supply high quality training at our various locations worldwide.

Marian F. - First Officer A320

After Type Rating, during Landing Training at the partner Airline, they were so surprized about my Level of Training, that they offered me a job immediately.


Faisal B. - First Officer A320

I learned a very pleasent atmosphere. Beyond the type rating I am grateful for every single personal advise the instructors gave from their own flying experience. I found the assesement and the entry into the line traning relatively easy. 


I was well prepared and was repeatedly praised by my later colleagues, different captains about my solid and consistent judgement during the flights thanks to JETLINE TRAINING. I have been told that my process of system and attention is comparable with most of experienced pilots after 10 years active flying.

Julien G. SFI / TRI A320 Instructor Student

I joined JETLINE TRAINING for SFI/TRI instructor course. They gave me the opportunity during and after the course to immediately get additional instruction  experience, well above minimum required. Just a big MERCI to Capt. Adrian & to his team


Dedicated & Experienced instructors

Airline Assessment preparation courses after course completion

Simulators available worldwide | we train you up to Airline Pilot Training standards wherever it suits you!


After Training Support | Job search support & assessment consulting | immediate Airline Line Training availability for every student of ours

Affordable Training for the current and future pilot generation

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